Improving Your Selection Process

ProActive believes in helping HR Practitioners develop evidence-based hiring processes that are scientifically designed to have high predictive validity. We do this through the following steps:

  1. We help you identify what you’re trying to accomplish. Decreased turnover? Increased sales? Better product quality? Less absenteeism? Better safety record? Less theft? Better morale or productivity? Increased customer satisfaction? There are different assessment instrument specifically designed to address each of these (and many more) organizational challenges.
  2. We help you identify a good tool that will have a measurable impact on your goal. We only work with the absolute best tools available in the marketplace—with proven reliability and validity.
  3. We help you measure the impact that an assessment tool is having. With this information, you can quantify the impact that your expertise in selecting a hiring tool has on the organization’s bottom line!

In designing a highly predictive selection process, it is critical to understand that some things are better predictors than others.

Read The White Paper, “IQ, EQ, 4-Q: What Every HR Practitioner Should Know About Hiring Assessments.

Some of the assessment instruments we work with:

Step One Survey

The Step-One Survey is a brief pre-employment assessment that provides valid insight into an applicant’s work ethic, reliability, integrity, propensity for substance abuse and attitudes toward theft —including property, data, and time. This assessment helps organizations reduce hiring risk in a quick and cost-effective manner, and has proven results in reducing 90-day turnover.

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PXT Select

The PXT Select is a multi-measure assessment instrument used for selection, development, managing, and succession planning. This tool measures Thinking Style, Behavioral Traits, and Occupational Interests, and is designed to determine JOB FIT. The PXT Select is customizable, and peak job performance models can be developed by company, position, manager or geography. Results help managers interview and select people who have the highest probability of being successful in a role, and provide practical recommendations for coaching them to maximum performance.

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Profiles Sales Assessment

The Profiles Sales Assessment uses the PXT Select Job Fit framework, but also predicts on-the-job performance in seven critical sales behaviors: prospecting, call reluctance, closing the sale, self-starting, working with a team, building and maintaining relationships, and compensation preference.

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