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IQ-EQ-4Q-White-Paper-1.jpgIQ? EQ? 4-Q? What Every HR Professional Should Know About Hiring Assessments

Ten years ago, researchers discovered something that should have opened eyes, raised red flags, and rocked the HR community at large. It was found that practitioners were largely unaware of best practices surrounding one of the linchpin functions of HR — the ability to effectively screen for and hire strong employees. In an economy where companies are trying to streamline and cut costs, HR has a tremendous opportunity to have a measurable financial impact on the bottom line and further secure their seat at the strategic table.

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SHRMScience.pngScience of Selection:
Improving the Science of Selection

Kentucky SHRM Magazine Article

Metrics, analytics, and big data loom large on the HR radar. However, research shows that objective data plays a surprising small roll in one of the lynchpin functions of HR departments—employee selection.

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Creating an Evidence Based Coaching Culture

Article for SHRM Magazine

Coaching means different things to different people and can vary in its effectiveness depending on the methods and strategies used. How can you be intentional in creating a coaching culture to ensure a maximum level of success? How can you incorporate objective data into the coaching process to increase impact?

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The Problem with Using Personality Tests for Hiring

Article for Harvard Business Review

When using any assessment, managers need to step back and ask themselves one basic question before giving it to a potential employee: Is this test predictive of future job performance? In the case of 4-Quadrant Personality Assessments, probably not.

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[ProActive] continues to exceed my expectations. I am particularly pleased in the manner in which you roll out the survey information to the officer group in a concise and professional manner. Thank you for fulfilling a key role as a consultant and partner for Morton Metalcraft Company.

Morton Industrial Group, Inc.


Poster-Facebook.jpgHOPE For Leaders - Unabridged

In 25 comprehensive chapters, a collection of qualified authors tackles subjects ranging from leadership and organizational development to empathy, coaching, and effectiveness in communication. Whitney Martin's chapter (co-authored with Hope Zoeller) is entitled "Creating an Evidence-Based Coaching Culture."

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whatsnext.jpgWhat's Next in HR?

Seventeen HR pros and business leaders address critical questions facing HR leaders in the coming years. Whitney Martin’s chapter is entitled: Hiring Under the Microscope: 5 Steps for Improving the Science of Selection

Case Studies

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Case-Study-XT-Financial-Services-NEW.jpgProfile XT

Creating loans without obstacles, customers for life

Executives decided on the ProfileXT® to help them develop a Job Match Pattern for future hiring. The JMP helps managers quickly see where individuals might fit well into a position, or where they might have to make adjustments to do the job. It scores on a scale of one at the low end and 10 at the high end.

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Case-Study-360-new.jpgCheckPoint 360°

Using the CheckPoint 360° to build leadership and embrace growth

In preparation for a large merger, an organization recognized the need to prepare multi-unit supervisors for a substantial increase in the size and scope of their responsibilities. 

The solution developed was a two-and-a-half-day Human resource Planning (HRP) workshop for selected multi-unit managers.  The result was a learning plan for each participant, and they used Profiles Internations's CheckPoint 360°.

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Case-Study-SOS-3-Examples.jpgStep One Survey II

How profiles' SOSII dropped turnover at three organizations

Three organizations faced unchecked turnover that affected entire workforces. Open positions in these organizations required other workers to carry more of the load; some workers shut down or quit from the stress.  Customer service was affected, as workers' ability to process orders decreased and newly hired workers were pressed into service with minimum training.

See how leaders realizeda significant drop in turnover after using Profiles Step One Survey II

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Case-Study-XT-Sales-Medical-Devices.jpgProfile XT®

Identifying top performing sales people

A medical device distribution organization hired Sales Associates to sell medical
devices and experienced varying levels of success. While some Sales Associates
were productive in the position, others were not. The organization wished to use
the ProfileXT® assessment to aid in candidate screening. Presented with this situation, a study was conducted to examine the relationship between Sales Associate performance and their scores on the ProfileXT®.

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