You have a suspicion, a perception, a guess, or a feeling…but you need to measure, to quantify, to confirm, to KNOW.

For most organizations, “people” are the biggest line item on the operating budget statement, as well as the biggest potential strategic advantage. People are what make or break companies. But, people are complex, and getting good, objective, quantifiable data about people can be challenging. What are our employees really motivated by? What are our customers not telling us? How will this job candidate actually perform?

No matter how talented, visionary, or strategic your company’s leadership is, they can’t make good decisions without good information.  And it is here that ProActive Data excels. We provide you with valid, reliable, objective, and insightful information that allows you to make confident decisions about the thing that has the biggest impact on your business—people.

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August 4th
By Whitney Martin, MS and Hope Zoeller, Ed.DCoaching means different things to different people and can vary in its effectiveness depending on the methods and strategies used. How can you be intentional in creating a coaching culture to ensure a maximum l…
June 3rd
As featured in Kentucky SHRM Magazine, Spring/Summer 2015Over the last two decades, the chatter in HR circles has concerned “becoming more strategic” and “getting a seat at the table.” However, a golden opportunity has been missed,…

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